Why is it important to Use Board Portal Technologies?

Nowadays, along with traditional professional roles, board specialists should become strategic partners of the company’s top and line management, and use the best portal technologies.

The Best Board Portal Technologies that Can Be Used for Your Business

1. Data integrity.

Data integrity is understood as the correspondence of the information model of the subject area, i.e. data stored in the database, objects of the real world, and their relationships at any given time. Any change in the subject area that is significant for the constructed model should be reflected in the database, and at the same time, an unambiguous interpretation of the information model in terms of the subject area should be preserved. The integrity of the database does not guarantee the reliability of the information it contains, but it ensures at least the plausibility of this information, rejecting obviously incredible, impossible values. Thus, database integrity should not be confused with data validity. Reliability (or truthfulness) is the correspondence of the facts stored in the database to the real world.

2. An audit of events that have occurred (including the ability to restore a complete picture of what happened).

An audit of events that have occurred, as board portal technology, is a preventive measure against potential violators and allows you to recover data in case of damage. The separation of functional responsibilities implies the organization of work with data in such a way that in each of the key stages that make up a single critical process from the point of view of integrity, the participation of different users is required. This ensures that a single user cannot complete the entire process (or even two stages of it) in order to compromise the integrity of the data.

3. The principle of objective control.

The principle of objective control is also one of the cornerstones of the integrity control policy. The essence of this principle is that data integrity control makes sense only when this data reflects the real state of affairs.

4. Controlling the transfer of privileges.

Controlling the transfer of privileges is essential for the effective operation of the entire security policy. If the privilege scheme does not adequately reflect the organizational structure of the enterprise or does not allow security administrators to manipulate it flexibly to ensure operational efficiency, protection becomes a heavy burden and provokes attempts to bypass it where it interferes with “normal” operations.

Modern Board Portal Technologies

Among the modern board portal technologies, that are aimed at optimizing the number of personnel in the organization and increasing the efficiency of its activities, we highlight the following:

  • outsourcing – transferring to a third party some business processes that are for the organization;
  • outstaffing – the withdrawal of existing personnel from the company’s staff with its further legal registration in the provider company (as a rule, in a recruiting agency) to maintain the status of a small enterprise;
  • informatization of management functions based on the implementation of software products that ensure the integration of information flows in the field of production, finance, logistics, sales, personnel (for example personnel records and workflow, staffing, personnel analysis, personnel certification, employee testing, etc.).

Board portal works with its business customers to keep their data safe. It takes comprehensive measures to protect infrastructure, network, and applications; it conducts training for employees on ensuring security and confidentiality; creating a culture where trust is the highest priority; and conducts rigorous third-party testing and auditing of our system and practices.